and everybody else smiled back – CD

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and everybody else smiled back! in full! on CD!

Track List:
1. Cut Corners on Short Walks
2. I’m Doing Push-Ups
3. Baggy Hoodies
4. Heaven Sent is a Coffee Cup
5. Keep It Easy
6. Array of Light
7. Mossy Cobblestone
8. Confidant
9. Little Cellist
10. Sun Machine
11. Great Heights
12. If I Just Ask Politely
13. Klimt Painting

and everybody else smiled back in actual real life CD!

Design by RebelliousTeeth (@rebelliousteeth)

Recorded by George Berry
Mixed by Alexander Archer
Mastered by Antony Ryan of RedRedPaw Mastering

Artwork & Design by RebelliousTeeth
Photography by Emma Birdsall

Instant digital download in WAV format included at time of purchase.

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