we'd reach such

We can't sleep on concrete floors 
We know this by now 
It's the thought that counts  
We still attempt  
And I haven't seen you in days or weeks or months or years 
I'm not that clear  
Tell me everything you saw 
When you went out for fresh air  
We'd reach such great heights 
If we could just make our beds in the morning 
I'd wake you up before i leave 
I know you'd still be asleep  
I'd wipe the sunrise off of your cheek 
And say goodbye  
Everybody needs a reason 
Everybody needs a reason to 
Feel absolute 
To feel absolutely grim the next day 
I love everybody here  
But i am too scared to say it 
I want to see you bloom 
Into flowers so vivid and vibrant the sunflowers swoon  
But the broken glass is mine 
And the fairy lights are mine 
And you on the pavements mine 
And your smile on my shoulder, well that’s mine