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hello - you clicked me.

firstly, hello and welcome.

secondly, if you order any of our fantastic new merch that is currently on pre-order with any of our fantastic old merch that is not currently on pre-order, they will ship together when the pre-orders become available which will be on or around 19.11.2021. this not only helps keeps shipping costs down but is also better for the environment, your local post people and callum's sanity. 

i have some sad news if you live in europe and that is that you are now more likely to be charged import duty on your orders. this is because of brexit (boo), and we're not a big enough company to be able to offset those costs through a VERY complicated system. i apologise and hope it doesn't put you off ordering! 

while i have you here we are also now offering tracked shipping as standard on all our orders. this is a much better way of sending stuff, it means we know where it is at all times and should be quicker. you can still choose to pay less for shipping standard shipping but BE WARNED this is not tracked and could take ages to arrive.

lastly, if you're looking for vinyl or any other super cool merch like flags and SOCKS! - then look no further than the CIRECS UK and US web stores. both are linked in the menu above!

thank you for your time, 

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p.s. if you want to relive the magic of the website when it was in its alternative reality glory, just click the explore tab above. lots of love! <3