Bears in Trees - The Official Card Game

Set Up

1. Separate the song and character cards from the magic cards

2. Shuffle and deal out the song and character cards face down

3. Shuffle and deal out the magic cards evenly and lay them face-up in front of each player. Place any left over cards in a stack facedown


1. The player to the left of the dealer goes first by calling out their chosen category (e.g. chaos level - 98)

2. The other players try to beat this one after the other

3. If there is a draw the drawing players continue to play rounds to find a winner

4. The winning player collects all the cards and adds them to the back of their hand

5. The winner of the round chooses the category for the next

6. The first player to collect all the cards wins

Magic Cards

1. Magic cards must remain face-up throughout the game

2. Magic cards can be played at any point during gameplay

3. Once a magic card has been used it should be placed in the discard pile


Start date: Lowest wins. This refers to either; the time someone first joined/started working with the band; the first time something was mentioned by the band; the release date of the project

No of Tracks: Highest wins. This refers to either; the number of tracks someone has worked on; the number of times something is mentioned or featured in a release; the number of tracks on a release

Chaos Level: Highest wins. This is the chaos level. How chaotic is this person/song/thing/bathtub fire?

Percievability: Lowest wins. This is the percievability level. How easy is it to perceive this person/song/thing/concrete block

extra points if you notice all the spelling errors on the cards - no one in bears in trees knows how to spell things